California and Christmas trees

Laura is writing this week. And that means lots of pictures! Sorry, no Gif this week. Murphy's helping out a friend with something last minute. Week »

Gigantic Bears

I'm very sorry we didn't write last week at all! I (Murphy) was ill last Sunday, and then we were both out of town during the »

Vacation, Part 2

Hiya! Murphy here. Laura and I have both been feeling sick over the last couple of days, and we're hoping to go to bed in a »

Vacation, Part 1

Gif Esther and I made gluten-free pancakes this morning while Murphy struggled to be awake on the couch. I didn't notice she had been sneaking tastes »

Blood Moon, Book, and Guitar

Gif Look at this adorable baby. Where did she come from? I don't know, but I love that she still likes living at our house. Pictures »

Panda Bears & Building

Giftro Cute of cutes, this is Esther in the cart at Ikea. She's very patient with us while we haul her around doing grown up things. »

Hugh Downey

Keven found this typed account in Dad's papers - we don't know what happened to the first page. I think it was about his mother. So »

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Screen Cleaning & Corn

Gif-tro (gif-intro) A few weeks ago I was watching Esther while Laura ran an errand or something of the sort. We were playing with the iPad »

Stories from Mom's Childhood

I’m starting a little series of just memories, to try to connect the family’s beginning to their own later experiences. I’m sending this »

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Birthdays and death days

I'm thinking about Mom's birthday tomorrow - and I looked up how long her mother lived. Margaret Shumate Brassfield Sneed lived to be 88 - actually, »


This was an email sent out by Mom (Kristen) to all the kids and cousins. I just wanted to share with you all, just for a »

It's Not Easy

This just made me cry. It's not easy, you guys. It's not EASY. »

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Murphy and Velcro

Part of a larger picture. He's just kind of in the background, busily and casually figuring out his shoes. How did he wedge himself in like »

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Red Rock

Remember this trip? Isn't Gin beautiful? »

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Good Morning!

To this day I always have this feeling that I will wake up on February 14th to a mylar balloon, a little heart-shaped box of chocolates, »

We'll Miss Skye

We'll miss Skye. Thanks for giving him to us mom and dad. Doggies enrich our lives. They can also add to our pain when it's time »

Happy Birthday to Char!

Happy birthday to Charlotte--the girl that's always been four years younger than me for most of the year, but then three years younger for a few »

More Ghosts - happy ones.

I didn't do processing on most of the big pages.  Ran out of time.  And the light was so stark - it's like I need to »

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Ghosts of Easters Past

Sorry some of these are so harsh.  It's been quite a morning, finding these shots of you guys over the years.  Your father has loved it. »

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I'm Still Here!

Just wanted to let everybody know I haven't forgotten about this cute little blog. I'm still here. I'm almost to where I can think about something »

Murphy's Big Letter

Okay - I've had this for weeks.  But as you all know, mom can't be counted on to get things done (pant, pant).  So here goes. »

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Cammon the birthday boy!

Did I mention before that I love October? There are so many good reasons to love October, but I think really the biggest most deep seated »

Charlotte the birthday girl

We here at the Hendricks household just wanted to give Charlotte a big wish for a SUPER! HAPPY! BIRTHDAY! Here she is, what like 20 years »

Grandma & Grandpa Randle (Cali)

I stole these pictures from Bryce's flickr. It took me a while to put them up, but here they are. They're great because they're just so »

Good Sleepers

Good sleepers are supposed to run in this family - »

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